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What is the most important thing that makes this school outstanding?

  • Pupils who come to this school make exceptional progress, they leave our school at the end of Year 2 with outcomes that are significantly above national average. This is due to the quality of teaching and overall provision.
  • We work hard to make the UNICEF Convention real to the lives of our children, helping them to explore concepts of fairness, respect and responsibility.

Quality of Teaching

  • The teachers and all the staff at this school work hard to make teaching outstanding. We expect to see 100% of teaching that is outstanding or good every single day.

What we provide in addition to what is expected:

  • Additional staffing in our Nursery that gives a 1:7 ratio
  • Flexibility in the three hour offer in Nursery to allow some children to attend fulltime for two days a week
  • Daily/weekly marking and feedback to pupils.
  • A range of high quality experiences for educational visits to support and enrich learning including  visits to London Museums, the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium and Shewburyness
  • Differentiated homework daily/weekly and during holiday periods.
  • A range of after school clubs, and lunchtime clubs and holiday provision
  • Parent Ambassadors

In the Nursery - visits to school in July, staggered transition into Nursery; settling in activities, stay & play sessions with parents/carers

In Reception – home visits, interventions for boys to engage them in learning, Support for children whose first language is not English

Year 1 – reading recovery for pupils who have not learnt to read (daily programme), Mathletics ICT program, Creative homework, Talking Partner interventions

Year 2 – Support to extend the more able learners,


For pupils with disabilities and/or special educational needs –advice and support, visual timetables, access to laptop, outreach work from special school for autistic children, friendship/social group, care plans